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Strawberry Mango Rich Mango mousse layered between vanilla sponge cake and
enhanced with fresh strawberry s

Cheese cake we make more then 15  flavors NY, Marble, Raspberry, Oreo Brownie,

Fudge A moist dense chocolate cake with a rich fudge filling
All made from scratch

Belgium Truffle A soft chocolate sponge with a traditional Belgium  Chocolate truffle filling.

Carrot Cake A traditional carrot sponge with walnuts, raisins, and pineapple.  Filled with cream Cheese icing.

Chocolate Sin The richest of all of our chocolate cakes.  A flourless chocolate cake covered in ganache.

Duo Chocolate Mousse A layer of each, chocolate and white cake, and filled with both chocolate and white chocolate mousse.

Fresh Strawberry Bavarian A white cake filled with fresh  vanilla custard and sweet  fresh strawberries.

German Chocolate A soft chocolate sponge filled with a traditional german chocolate filling, made with almonds, walnuts, and coconut.

Lemon Raspberry A white cake filled with lemon curd and raspberry marmalade.

Tiramisu A white sponge soaked with coffee syrup, filled with a light creamy mascarpone cheese.
and slivers of dark chocolate

Black Forest A chocolate cake filled with whip cream and cherries.